ZecMa mainly offers the protected concept . As for example here within the MMM-links:
The Customer has the option to get an exclusive tailor made product.
ZecMa Products might also be (and often are) sold under an other Brand Name. Indeed  most of our customers have their own Brand.
and use us simply as a supplier of Production tools and as
cooperative planning and processing force partners, to enable to put their production plans into practice.
Unlike any other Brand ZecMa does not stand for a certain standard ore social identity .
The idea is more to  build  bridges and spread the concepts to all levels. To make the products as affordable as possible for everybody, as well as to offer a high end expensive version and something in between . However the emphasis lies on creativity , linkable aesthetic , diversity and also on fun and entertainment..
We offer the cooperate realization from the design towards the ready made product in your hand .